Erin Takes Pictures was born in the early 1990’s, when my father had our vacation pictures developed and decided that it was time I learned how to use a camera properly. The first lesson? Composition, because he much preferred that his head actually be IN the pictures.

Fifteen years later, I realized that it was time to take photography seriously. I upgraded my camera, signed up for a black and white film class at my university, and started reading any how-to article I could find. After some time, my skill improved enough that I decided to start a business. I still spend time each day reading about new techniques and following the work of other photographers. While I focus on weddings, portraits, and events, I regularly try new areas of photography, and each one teaches me something that I can use in my everyday work.

My philosophy as a photographer is that pictures are important. Pictures spark memories and bring back emotions. They bring people together and allow a moment to be viewed by someone a thousand miles away or twenty years in the future. Because of this, I believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, high quality pictures of themselves, their families, their celebrations, and their successes.

I have built my business around that belief. I offer high-resolution images and a copyright release with every package. I donate 5% of every session fee to Kiva, a microlending organization that helps individuals grow their businesses and improve their standard of living. I partner with charities and nonprofit groups to meet the photography needs of their organizations and of individuals in the community. I work with new photographers, helping them grow and improve just as others helped me. And most importantly, I approach every session, event, and wedding with the intention of doing absolutely everything in my power to make sure that my clients are thrilled with the product they receive.

To book my services for your wedding, event, or portrait session, please contact me using the information to the left. I would love to meet with you and discuss your needs!